What is GHS?

GHS is a system that has been created by the United Nations for standardizing the classification of labeling of chemicals throughout the world. Under the GHS standard, labels include signal words, pictograms, hazard and precautionary statements on durable labels to ensure workers are informed and prevent dangers.

What is BS5609?

BS5609 is the British Standard for pressure-sensitive adhesive labels used for marine applications. BS5609 is the standard that label adhesive and printed inks must meet (as a component of GHS) when they are used on hazardous chemical containers shipped by sea. BS5609 applies to the combination of label and printed inks, and certification is granted by one of several accredited testing labs throughout the world.

ITW has multiple certified solutions for GHS. For more information contact your sales rep.

Part Number Width Length  
6.50" (165mm) 1181' (360M) More Info...
433" (110mm) 1181' (360M) More Info...
4.33" (110mm) 984' (300M) More Info...
6.50" (165mm) 984' (300M) More Info...