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ITW Thermal Films Americas Moving Announcement


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To Our Customers:


  As the markets have opened, we are experiencing a significant surge in business.


 To ensure we have enough finished goods in place for our North American customers, we have utilized our UK converting facility to help supplement our inventory.


 The standard core for Thermal Transfer ribbons in Europe is a brown card core, as opposed to cores with a white lining that you are accustomed to receiving.


  Please be assured that there is no change in the ribbon.


  We will continue to utilize our global converting and manufacturing facilities to help maintain stock and to support our North American customers. 


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Ship dates could be up to 5 business days.

If you are having an issue processing your order, please enter your credit card information as a NEW card. Please be sure to enter the correct  zip/postal code that corresponds with the credit card being used. Thank you.

Should you need help finding a ribbon formulation for your specific application, click here